Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dia de los Muertos - My Virtual Altar

This past week was a mixed one.  I had immense joy in seeing the boy's face on our Skype call.  We got caught up on what has been going on with school, activities, and some new challenges.  Halloween was just around the corner at the time of the call and it has always been a big event for us.  We would decorate the house and buy a few costumes (school, home, trick-or-treating, etc.)  The evening was like a Vegas variety show with the number of costume changes.  I would make a special Halloween dinner of eyeballs (meatballs) and blood & guts (twice-baked potatoes with fresh mozzarella and ketchup).

In addition to Halloween, we also celebrate Dia del los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and remember those family members who we have lost.

The interesting thing at this time, is that while we remember those who have left us, we also are grateful for births and deliveries.  Just after Day of the Dead is my mom's birthday, and on that same day in 2000 the stork brought us our boy.  During this week, I live the book-ends.  Birth, death, delivery, taking away, and just away.

I am missing both mother and son at the same time.  Sad to recognize they are both not with me on November 3rd, but grateful for their love and how they touch my life.

Tonight, as I spoke with the boy on the phone, I listened to him with amazement at how good he sounds and yet felt deep love, loss, and sadness of our distance.  I heard happiness, accomplishment, and insight.

What a gift that awaited me on November 3, 2000 as this boy was given to me and now he lives through me.  On the eve of our first night together and on his grandmother's birthday, I honor them both and our tremendous luck.  My wish tonight is to be thankful that my mother, who at the time needed to see the future with her own eyes, got to see it in him.

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